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Healthy Honey & Oats Toast!

I always searched about the perfect healthy Kind of bread, after years of investigation i discovered that most of shelf products are full of processed flour & Sugar!

As a person who suffered from obesity & so many health conditions i dedicated myself for years now to search about the perfect clean products!

This version of healthy honey & oats bread while turn your world upside down, it’s really everything you will need.

Full of fibers, vitamins B that are essential for brain functioning & balancing your hormonal levels which are a key element in weight loss & general health!


-90g Oats.

-3 cups whole wheat flour.

-1 cup of extra warm water.

-2 tbsp honey.

-2 tbsp olive oil.


-1 envelop active dry yeast.


in a bowl put the oats, honey, oil, salt & the extra warm water until it cool down a little, Mix all the ingredients using the stand mixer or your hands until you have a beautiful dough.

it will take around 35min in the oven, cover it immediately when it’s ready!

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